Dear customers, partners and friends,

In this difficult period, our foremost priority is of course the safety and health of all our staff, our collaborators and partners.

In accordance with the recent measures in Europe, our studio/office remains closed until further notice.

Our webshop of course remains open, with our team working from home to support you with any questions you may have. You can continue to contact us at or via our social media handles.

We continue to expedite your orders : our logistics centre is open with minimal staff, who all practice the recommended sanitation and safety measures.

Please note however, that due to the reduced workforce delivery to certain destinations may take longer than usual. Similarly, treating returns and exchanges may also take longer. We request your patience in this regard.

See below for further details regarding delivery times.

Our thoughts are with you, and all our care workers, healthcare professionals, retail staff and other heroes who support us in the fight against this pandemic, and keep our essential services running.

Please take care of yourselves, and stay safe indoors.

Much love, 





Postal services are up and running, though not at full capacity. Collections and deliveries have been reduced to three days a week (Wed, Thur, Fri.) from 25-March onwards. Besides, shipments to the following postcodes are suspended until further notice : 

75008, 75017, 75018, 91160, 91160, 91160, 91160, 91200, 91260, 91300, 91320, 91420, 91430, 91550, 91973, 92110, 92120, 92140, 92160, 92170, 92200, 92220, 92230, 92240, 92250, 92260, 92270, 92290, 92300, 92320, 92330, 92340, 92350, 92390, 92400, 92600, 92700, 92800, 93200, 93210, 93240, 93380, 93430, 93450, 93800, 94110, 94150, 94230, 94240, 94250, 94260, 94290, 94310, 94320, 94320, 94390, 94480, 94550.


International shipments with Colissimo are suspended until further notice. Shipments to countries located in or outside of the EU will be handed over to international carriers (FedEx, TNT, UPS) - subject to availability. Please note that delivery to certain destinations may take longer than usual.Similarly, treating returns and exchanges may also take longer.

Latest update : 05-04-2020