Ascot X Charlie started out with one goal - to harness our creativity and passion to create elegant, premium sneakers that stand the test of time. We actively seek out high-quality materials and we seamlessly integrate minimalist design with artisanal know-how through our highly skilled craftsmen. 

With a focus on quality and a desire to capture our passion for finesse, we create sneakers that are durable, smart and are designed to complement your lifestyle.


We put ourselves in our customers shoes first, quite literally. We wear our own sneakers everyday and as men on the go we know how important it is to have footwear that can take you seamlessly from that studio or office to the bar for an afterwork pint. We design our sneakers in a way that encompasses the exact needs of those who wear them. Every stitch, every cut and every measurement is delivered with perfection and is derived from our own experience and ability to create footwear that is versatile and smart.


You can have the best materials available on the market but without caring hands, creative minds and skilled craftsmen, they mean nothing. This is where we set the standard. The ateliers we work with have decades of experience and are carefully selected based on the stellar capabilities of their craftsmen and women : elegant lines, the perfect fit and a finish that stands out.


Every detail on our sneakers is well-thought out to enhance your comfort. We don’t cut corners when it comes to comfort, so every pair you buy from us will feel as good as it looks. From the moment you try our sneakers, you’ll instantly discover the real meaning of comfort and the reason why people fall in love with them.


Shoemaking as an artisanal craft has been passed on from father to son for generations and its this savoir-faire that makes Italian ateliers amongst the very best in the world. From moulding the perfect last(the “sculpture” that gives shape to a shoe) to the right amount of double stitching around the outsole, it's these little details that have made the Made in Italy trademark synonymous with superlative quality.